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Meet our top-class speakers who will share their expertise on this special day and save our BYK Live Event agenda.

Opening, Closing & Message from CTO

Dr. Tammo Boinowitz


Dr. Stefan Mößmer

Head of Business Line Paint Additives

Dr. Jörg Hinnerwisch


BYK's Contribution to environmentally friendly Coatings

Markus Vogel

Global Head of End Use Decorative Coatings

Kevin Koskamp

Technical Service Wood Coatings

Dr. Tina Radespiel

Head of Biotechnology (R&D BYK) and head of ALTANA Platform for Industrial Biotechnology

Turning Challenges into Changes: Regulatory driven Solutions at BYK

Brigitte Weber

Global Head of EndUse Special Coatings

Marcel Krohnen

Head of Sales Paint Additives

Julia Katharina Zühlke

End Use Specialist Decorative Coatings

Modern technology trends for Coatings

Jörg Achterkamp

Head of Global EndUse Automotive Coatings

Kevin Spittka

Technical Service Marine & Protective

Nicole Emde

End Use Specialist General Industrial Coatings

Mark Heekeren

Head of Technical Service Automotive Coatings

Unlock the future of additives in coatings

You missed our BYK Live event? Then take a look at our recording of the entire live stream here.